Posted on May 2, 2016

Spring 2016 Update

MLA Christina Gray engages in conversation with a school principle

Since my last newsletter to you, I have been added to Executive Council, also known as the provincial cabinet. This means that in addition to my role as your representative for Edmonton – Mill Woods, I now preside over the functions of a government Ministry for the whole province. In my case I was tasked with being the Minister of Labour and the Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal. As you can imagine, this new responsibility comes with an increased workload,however my first priority will always be to you, the people I was elected to represent. If you ever have thoughts or concerns related to the work of the Legislative Assembly, please call my constituency office and my team will make sure we connect.

As most of you will already know, our province has been dealing with the wildfire disaster that has affected Fort McMurray and surrounding communities. While this tragedy has much sorrow, I think all Albertans can take strength and pride from the collective response that has been offered. Our first responders did incredible and amazing work defending that city and thanks to their outstanding efforts, around 90% of the structures there remain intact. Most importantly, the loss of life associated with this unimaginable scenario was kept to an absolute minimum. The outpouring of support from the rest of Alberta has been truly heartwarming and I thank everyone for whatever part you had in those efforts. People have been donating their time, their possessions, their homes and their finances to assist their fellow Albertans in a time of need, and that happens because we are a community focused people who look out for one another.

Rebuilding Fort McMurray will take a while, by the time this reaches you the phased re-entry into that city will have begun, but every member of the Legislative Assembly has committed to ensuring that our democratic institutions will do all that they can to assist Fort McMurray with its rebuilding efforts. We will be there with our fellow citizens, right throughuntil a full recovery has been made.

Over this first year in office I have enjoyed attending a great number of community events and it is my goal to keep making myself as available to our community as possible. To that end, if you are part of any group that is holding a function that would benefit by having your MLA in attendance, please just call my office and we will try to coordinate my appearance at your event. I love speaking with as many groups as possible, because Mill Woods is such an incredibly diverse place and that diversity extends to our opinions on provincial matters. Knowing how you are thinking and feeling enables me to be a better representative for you, so please do invite me to your functions, even if it’s just a small group gathering for discussions over coffee. I continue to enjoy and cherish the opportunity that you, the voters of Mill Woods, have given me. I’m working hard each and every day, to do the absolute best job I can as your MLA. I hope I see you this summer and I hope we get the chance to talk. Until then, take care and all the best to you and yours.